Our school in the past

What do you think our school in the past might have been like?

If you could ask someone that went to our school in the last 90 years a question, what would it be?


Try and use different question starters like:

Who? What? When? How? When?


Our trip to Brighton

Today we visited Brighton.

We had a lovely time, walking along the pier, making pebble art on the beach, and having a refreshing ice cream. While we had our lunch, the seagulls got very hungry and starting flying down to nibble on our sandwiches!

We walked along the beach towards the i360. The queue was very long but at the very top we had a panoramic view of Brighton.

The sun shone all afternoon, it was a totally fantastic day.

Global Awareness Day

As part of our ‘Global Awareness Day,’ we focused on Goal 14, ‘Life Below Water.’  We looked at how to protect sea creatures and other life in the ocean.

We talked about how pollution can affect life below water and cause harm to the animals and plants.

We discussed how recycling, reusing, and reducing helps to conserve our environment and make it a better place for us all to live. Did you know that it takes 20 years for a plastic bag to decompose and 450 years for a plastic bottle?

We recycled tin cans, painting them, and making them into wind chimes. We decorated sea creatures out of bottle tops, netting, foam, and polystyrene. We also recycled cartons and made bird feeders, as well as boats out of egg boxes and old magazines.

We made posters to encourage people to save our waters.

What would you do to help protect our waters?